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Announcement July 26, 2020 


Welcome and thank you for worshipping with the All Saints’ family today! There is fellowship time after the service on Zoom (see next page for details). We would love to introduce ourselves, greet you, and answer any questions you might have.


We remember at God’s Altar those who are ill or have requested our prayers and those whom we serve in our ministries or who come to us for assistance:

Romy Cartagena; Elida Rodriguez; Zitlali Reyes; Julio Barranco; Charlotte German; Bill Belcher; Campos and Mendez families; Kay Armstrong; Barry Tronstadt; Judy; Armando Cortes; Sabina; Marie; Monica; Siles Family; Silvia Soria; Yovanka Endara; Bill Knutson; Zeus del Monte; Lily Vega; Jose Velasquez; Adelaida Gonzalez Laaya; Paul; Alice; Samara; Juan David Vega; Jaquez family; Celeste Fernandez; Annie Pearl; Elizabeth Rinnander; Michael; Matt and Emily; Sharon Matthews; Ben, Roseanne; Jarrett; Chris; Tara; Dave Matthews; Paz Jacobo; Lily Lara; Anna Langdell; Martin Ramos; Sergio Vargas; Sandra Palacios; Susana Rivera, Victor Rodriguez, Laurette Brown; Susana Rivera; Margot Palacios, Carlos Chapman; Kris Kanzler; April Poole; Angela Flores; Alejandro Rafael Terceros Beltran; Timothy Devoll; Benjamin Perez; Laura Anchondo; Joseph Michael Moyer; Carla Perez; Martha Torrico; Elisa Arauz; Gloria Palacios; Ivan Palacios; Joyce Jones, Fabricio Coimbra Belaunde; Alfonso Bravo; William Wilson; Sylvia Sanchez; Angelia; Mark Van Scharrell; Julie Ryan; Maria Vargas; Lorena; Luis Alberto; Kim Reinke; Barbara Watson; Ralph Armstrong; Angel Barrera; Esther Sandoval; Peter Hulton; Massy Stewart; Alexia Topete; Patricia Collazos; Maria Negrete; Carroll Short; Dana Platt; Cristina Larios; Marta Cespedes; Angel Gonzales; Lupita Diaz; Catalea; Jose Lopez; Silvia Jacobo; Ramon Torrez; Joan Erickson; Javier Cervantes; Joyce Yin; Letty Reyes Mendoza; Monica Tsung Thluai Htun; Juan Vega; Esther Machaca Vargas; Kailani Gaspar; Mary Lou Clayton; Lilia Martinez; Diane Torren; Joyce Ewald; Jim and Cheryl Burr; Ethan; Josefa Sosa; Billy Martin; Matt Storch; Danny Torrez; Kelly Maple; Kier Stumpf; Wah Davis; Rachel Hernandez; Karina Gomez; Juan José Sarti; Juan Carlos Tuero; Kurt Coffed; Mrs. Khin; Tha Htin.

Praying for the repose of the souls of Kenneth German, Antonio Serrafin and Josie Chavarria and for their families.

Giving thanks to God for the birth of Eleanor Victoria Lewis to Betty Milique and Joseph Lewis!

                  Praying for those to be ordained or discerning ministry in the church: Cody.

Praying for all those ill with the novel Coronavirus and for all health professionals working to cure them.

Members of our armed forces, especially those serving overseas:

Seaman Betty Milique; Joseph Lewis; David Weber; Shaun Moler; Jason Lechot; Michael White; Airk Morris; Colin Bourque; Sarah Haggerty; Kyle Nickert; Blair SannohJames Louis Sandoval; Victor Sandoval; Adrian Sandoval; John Serrano, Marines; José Serrano, Navy. Roxana Suteu-Furman, National Guard

 Our Prayer List is updated each week.  Please let us know whom you would like to include on the list.  Prayer requests may be put in the offering plate on Sunday.  Names will be on the prayer list for one month, unless you request otherwise.  Please call to remove names if prayers have been answered.  If something comes up during the week and you want someone added or removed, please contact the office by Wednesday at 1pm.

Lay Eucharistic Minister

Online – we look forward to worshipping in person before too long!



Announcements July 26, 2020

  • Welcome to All Saints! Happy Sunday. We are glad you are worshipping with us online today – at 9:15 and 11:15am for Morning Prayer.
  • You can also join by Zoom (although the Facebook live view will be optimal) which allows for joining via the phone: Zoom link: ; Meeting ID: 762 3473 4293; One tap mobile: +16699006833,,76234734293#  or Dial:  +1 253 215 8782 with same meeting ID, entering it at the prompts. We will hold the “Zoom coffee hour” after.
  • Re-entry: due to the rise in virus rates in Ventura County we will hold off on in person worship for the time being – now we are hoping to begin outdoor worship in September at the earliest in English and Spanish with cleaning between and distancing if the virus rate is not too high beforehand.
  • Weekday “communion to go” and brief prayer time in the church. We are offering individual opportunities to come to church mid-week to briefly receive Holy Communion with a flyer for personal prayer in our patio and to spend time in the church praying for a brief time. Pastor Melissa will set up one slot per weekday on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays as needed to ensure safety for all and asks that you arrive masked and practice social distancing. Call Pastor Melissa if you would like to do this: 805-890-3468 or send her an email at Thanks!
  • Sunday school is on break for a couple of weeks. We will reconnect at the end of August to look at further online offerings. Thanks from Cindy Morales.
  • THANKS to all who have been giving to the church. What a huge help it is. If you wish to give to the church, please mail it to: 144 S C St, Oxnard CA 93030. Or you can give via Givelify: (link: for mobile/online giving. Consider sending a check just once a month if you are not already. Thank you for your support!
  • From the Diocese: One Body and One Spirit Emergency Appeal: You can help our congregations and ministries most at risk during this crisis. Watch videos and donate here:
  • Un Tal Jesus – estudio bíblico (Bible Study in Spanish) Tues 7:15PM with other churches in the diocese: :; Meeting ID: 823 2959 7637; Password: 975627; One tap mobile +16699009128,,82329597637#,,,,0#,,975627#  Link for Un Tal Jesus radio show: A really fun bible study in Spanish if you want to practice your español!
  • Wednesday Evening Prayer and Bible Study: Join us on Zoom Wednesday at 6pm: with Meeting ID: 870 0259 4561 or call: +1 669 900 6833 with same Meeting ID and password. Currently on: Genesis Chapter 46-end of book; Exodus Chapters 1-9 (you do not have to read it all before attending).
  • Our Sunday Bread of Life is operating Sundays from 3:30pm-5:30pm with a limited number of volunteers practicing “social distancing”.
  • Food Pantry is open on Fridays from 12:30-1:30pm. Donations requested for to-go food for the homeless- i.e., Vienna sausages and canned ravioli with pull tabs or other easy to eat foods.


The Rev. Melissa Campbell-Langdell, Rector (cell: 805-890-3468)

The Rev. Alene Campbell-Langdell, Priest in Residence  

The Rev. Crawford Sachs, Deacon, (Ret)

                                             Ted Lucas, Director of Music                                   Karla Lopez, Youth Minister 

                                                Cindy Morales, Senior Warden                                   Martin Milique Junior Warden 

                                             Rosaelia Ambriz & Susan Hernandez, Treasurers       Cody Beckley, Clerk

Additional Vestry Members Carlos Chapman, Cody Beckley, Min Aung, Cindy Morales,

 Johanna Fredrics, Lupe Vega, Martin Milique, Ana Serrano, Teresa Olson.          

                                              Website:                                             All Saints’ Episcopal Church

                                             E-Mail:                                             144 South “C” Street

                                             Sunday Service Times                                                       Oxnard, CA 93030

                                             9:15 AM English/11:15 AM Spanish                                    (805) 483-2347

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