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December 22, 2019 
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Welcome and thank you for worshipping with the All Saints’ family today! There is fellowship hour after the service. Please join us for some refreshments. We would love to introduce ourselves, greet you, and answer any questions you might have.


We remember at God’s Altar those who are ill or have requested our prayers and those whom we serve in our ministries or who come to us for assistance:

Martin Ramos; Imelda Mariscal; Sergio Vargas; Kris Kanzler; Londa Furman; Reid Ripley; Alex Torres; April Poole; Angela Flores; Alejandro Rafael Terceros Beltran;Timothy Devoll; Benjamin Perez; Laura Anchondo; Joseph Michael Moyer; Karime Urzagaste; Elisa Arauz; Gloria Palacios; Ivan Palacios; Joyce Jones, Fabricio Coimbra Belaunde; Alfonso Bravo; Nilda Caballero; Lupe;  William Wilson; Sylvia Sanchez; Angelia; Marc; Greg; Keith; Dan; Mark Van Scharrell; Julie Ryan; Craig; Maria Vargas; Familia Palacios; Lorena; Luis Alberto; Kim Reinke; Brian Blackler; Barbara Watson; Ralph Armstrong; Angel Barrera; Ziclali Perez Reyes; Esther Sandoval; Peter Hulton; Massy Stewart; Alexia Topete; Patricia Collazos; Maria Negrete; Carroll Short; Dana Platt; Dianne and Terry Platt; Marta Mohorko; Cristina Larios; Mario Petralia; Angel Gonzales; Lupita Diaz; Catalea; Jose Lopez; Silivia Jacobo; Ramon Torrez; Joan Erickson; Javier Cervantes; Joyce Yin; Max Parra; Letty Reyes Mendoza; Yvette Laporte Hernandez; Jan Robertson; Monica Tsung Thluai Htun; Pablo Lozano; Leticia Medina; Sandra Ahn; Juan Vega; Esther Machaca Vargas; Kailani Gaspar; Mary Lou Clayton; Lilia Martinez; Diane Torren; Joyce Ewald; Jim and Cheryl Burr; Ethan; Josefa Sosa; Billy Martin; Elizabeth Rinnander; Matt Storch; Danny Torrez; Kelly Maple; Kier Stumpf; Wah Davis; Rachel Hernandez; Karina Gomez; Juan José Sarti; Juan Carlos Tuero; Rosario de Dios; Kurt Coffed; Mrs. Khin; Tha Htin;

                  Praying for the repose of the soul of Connie Baker

Praying for those to be ordained or discerning ministry in the church: KC; Bill; Carlos; Jade; Cody.

Members of our armed forces, especially those serving overseas:

Seaman Betty Milique; David Weber; Shaun Moler; Jason Lechot; Michael White; Airk Morris; Colin Bourque; Sarah Haggerty; Kyle Nickert; Blair SannohJames Louis Sandoval; Victor Sandoval; Adrian Sandoval; John Serrano, Marines; José Serrano, Navy. Roxana Suteu-Furman, National Guard Anyone wanting to write Christmas cards to our members of the armed forces, turn them into the office to be mailed to them.     

 Our Prayer List is updated each week.  Please let us know whom you would like to include on the list.  Prayer requests may be put in the offering plate on Sunday.  Names will be on the prayer list for one month, unless you request otherwise.  Please call to remove names if prayers have been answered.  If something comes up during the week and you want someone added or removed, please contact the office by Wednesday at 1pm.

Today’s Ministry Team

Lay Eucharistic Minister

Reid Ripley


Christine Munro


Elizabeth Clayton-Bennett

Christmas: LEM: Carol Puorto; Ushers: Joyce

Ministry team for 12/29/19: LEM: Cindy Morales

Announcements – December 22, 2019

  • Flowers donated by the Beckley-Bouchez family in honor of Cal and Georgia’s anniversary and by Irene Jefferson in honor of Bob Jefferson’s anniversary of death.
  • Welcome to All Saints! We are glad you are worshipping with us today. Today is the third Sunday in Advent.   We are collecting donations for Christmas Flowers. Please use the envelopes in the pews if you wish to donate.
  • Please join us after worship in the parish hall for refreshments.
  • Christmas Services: 12/24/19: Christmas Eve: Lessons and carols at 4:15 pm. Bilingual mass: 5:30pm. Christmas Day (12/25/19) Bilingual mass at 10:30 am.
  • Office closed: Tuesday and Wednesday this week (although of course services will happen). Wednesday 5pm service on hiatus until 1/8.
  • Pastor Melissa post-Christmas holiday: out of office from 12/26 until 1/1. Rev. Fran Cantella will officiate next Sunday 12/29.
  • Yoga is on break until 1/8. It recommences 1/8 at 6:45pm in the Parish Hall with Lisa Otero.
  • Epiphany: Monday, January 6, 2020, Bilingual mass at 6:00pm. We will give out toys to our community kids.
  • First Communion classes and Sunday school are during most Sunday services. Thank you to Cindy Morales for leading this!
  • Volunteer to be a part of the Oxnard Homeless Point in Time Count. Training here at All Saints on Tuesday 1/21 from 1-3 and count will be 5:30am-12 noon on Wednesday 1/28
  • Volunteers needed for census count. Training will take place at the Ventura County Community Foundation on the following days and times: Tuesday
  •  “Follow” us on Instagram!  All Saints /Todos los Santos Episcopal Church is at “allsantosoxnard.” Please “Like” us to keep up to date with what is going on!
  • Community Notices – Please see the notice board in the Parish Hall for more information.
  • Gabriel’s House: Gabriel’s House is a shelter for women. All Saints’ Church has paid for a bed for three months from a donation. Anyone wishing to donate please note on your check or envelope.
  • Save the Date: Bill Knutson’s ordination to the priesthood on Jan. 11, 2020. St. John’s Cathedral, Los Angeles
  • The Episcopal News Weekly: Please take one for your home.


The Rev. Melissa Campbell-Langdell, Rector (cell: 805-890-3468)

The Rev. Alene Campbell-Langdell, Priest in Residence  

The Rev. Crawford Sachs, Deacon, (Ret)

The Rev. Bill Knutson, Deacon

                                                                 Ted Lucas, Director of Music                                   Jade Mohorko Ortiz, Youth Minister 

                                                                 Cindy Morales, Senior Warden                               Martin Milique Junior Warden 

                                                                Rosaelia Ambriz & Susan Hernandez, Treasurers       Cody Beckley, Clerk

                                                                Additional Vestry Members Cindy Morales, Carol Puorto, Margot Palacios,

                                                        Reid Ripley, Johanna Fredrics, Lupe Vega, Martin Milique, Ana Barranco, Teresa Olson.          

                                   Website:                                             All Saints’ Episcopal Church

                                             E-Mail:                                             144 South “C” Street

                                             Sunday Service Times                                                       Oxnard, CA 93030

                                             9:15 AM English/11:15 AM Spanish                                    (805) 483-2347

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